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Spring for Lunch! To Benefit the Waterville Area Homeless Shelter Campaign

Do you like to go out to eat after Sunday worship? Want to save money, eat wonderful food, AND benefit the Waterville Area Homeless Shelter? Then the Mission Committee has just the thing! Join us on Sunday, April 29th at 11:15 am for a wonderful lunch to benefit the Homeless Shelter Capital Campaign. Marilyn Bretscher will be our chef, and her menu of Grenadian inspired food promises to be wonderful.

Tickets will be sold by members of the Mission Committee for $10 for adults, $5 for children under 12, or $20 for families. We would love to sell them ahead of time so Marilyn can prepare accordingly, but we will be happy to sell them at the door. If you are unable to attend but would still like to donate, we are accepting donations of potatoes, chick peas, dried macaroni, and salad fixings. I f you have any questions please contact Danielle Bartz.

Ministerís Discretionary Fund

Each communion Sunday, the first Sunday of the month, we put little brown envelopes on the pews for contributions to the Ministerís Discretionary Fund. In approximately a month, we have helped nine people and families with emergency assistance for rent and utility bills totaling $645.00. We have also given funds to the Mid-Maine Homeless Shelter to be used for security deposits, and to the Salvation Army for purchase of gloves and mittens. And several more requests are pending while we wait for more information.

This year the number of requests has been higher than previous years, undoubtedly a reflection of the poor economy. All the requests are handled in confidence in ways that respect those needing help, while also keeping in mind faithful stewardship of your gifts. In some cases, the recipients readily acknowledge that they have made some poor choices and decisions. Others are caught in circumstance beyond their control. In all cases, they are children of God in need of assistance.

The most common requests for help are for housing and utilities. Other requests might be for heating oil, which we usually refer to other agencies because they have greater resources, although occasionally we partner with another church for a minimum delivery; prescription medicines; diapers; clothing; and food beyond what is available at the Food Pantry. We do not normally give aid for transportation expenses. And to avoid getting into dependency relationships, we usually only help a person or family once in a period of a year.

Your generosity makes possible the churchís concrete response to their needs. 100% of the moneys donated to the Ministerís Discretionary Fund are used to help people in need Ė even the bank fees have been waived.

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